April 10, 2015



Milwaukee Window Washer

While you may work hard to keep your windows clear and presentable, rainy days, dust, dirt and smoggy air can quickly turn average cleaning into a seemingly full time job. As a business owner you don’t have time to keep up with the cleanliness of your window space – and that’s exactly why Spot Free Window Washer is at your service. The fact of the matter is that, regardless of how wonderful your business may be, if potential customers are faced with streaky, grimy windows, they may choose to go elsewhere. After all, first impressions are important – and if the first thing your customers see is an ill-kept storefront, they may not trust your ability to meet their needs.

The good news is that our expertly trained and experienced Milwaukee window washer professionals are able to take on any job. From a giant high-rise to a single floor store-front, we can ensure the first impression customers have of your company is spotless and clear. Unlike some local Milwaukee window washing companies, our specialists take great pride in exceeding your expectations. We use state of the art equipment, proven methods to make sure you can enjoy quality results each and every time. So whether you’re seated in a sprawling warehouse or a tiny shop, you can trust that Spot Free Window Washer’s window experts will get the job done right.


Customized Window Washing Packages

In our experience, it’s best to have your windows cleaned regularly. From inclement weather to oily fingerprints, there are a lot of everyday circumstances than can transform clean windows into a dirty mess. However, as a local Milwaukee business, we understand that every business has different needs and budget concerns. Thus, we strive to customize packages that meet each of our clients’ unique needs. The frequency and degree of window cleaning you need depends greatly on the size of your business as well as its location. We invite you to contact us so we may create a package that fits around your schedule and budget.